Our professionals will provide you tailor-made financial plan, enable you to plan and expand the business with greater convenience and efficiency.


We offer a variety of customized property mortgage services for the proprietor. Any type of property can be liquidated into cash, regardless of whether it is a current lease or a mortgaged property. We offer property valuation free of charge for an immediate estimation of the loan amount. The paperwork is simple so as to easily resolve your need for funds so that you can be able to seize every opportunity.

Business Turnover

Mr. Chan runs a garment factory and urgently needs funds to order fabrics due to the increase in orders. Since it was only a short-term turnover, the bank was unable to help in time. Mr. Chan then decided to apply for a second mortgage with Credit One Finance and 1 million was approved immediately on the same day. The interest was calculated daily, and the repayment period was 3 months, which easily solved the problem of capital turnover.

Ready-for-use funds

Mr. Lee runs a trading business. As he often needs circulating capital to pay the deposit, he has applied for a  loan from the bank. Yet, the application was rejected because he could not provide the company's financial statement. Then, he decided to apply for a "mortgage expendable fund" with the existing property with Credit One Finance, and was approved for 2.5 million backup funds without complicated documents. No interest will be calculated if no withdrawal.

Entrepreneurial Development

Mr. Kwan owns a mortgage-free property in Sheung Shui and operates a pharmacy business. He urgently needs funds to expand his business, but the bank application procedures are too complicated and approval takes too much time. Also,  the mortgage-to-value ratio is only 50%. Therefore, Mr. Kwan applies for first mortgage from Credit One Finance, and was approved for property value up to 80% on the same day, and the funds can be immediately withdraw within 24 hours.

Children's Education

Mr. Cheung and his children live in a Home Ownership Scheme (HOS) flat in Lok Fu. In order for his eldest son to study in Australia, he needs $600,000 in cash. However, due to the unstable income of Mr. Cheung, the bank cannot accept his loan application. Therefore, Mr. Cheung apply for  our HOS refinancing scheme and cash is ready for withdrawal within 24 hours, which helps Mr. Cheung's family to achieve their dreams of further education.

Citi Card Debt Consolidation

Ms. Wong has several bank credit cards, and has always been in the habit of paying only the minimum repayment amount. As a result, the debts of cards began to accumulate. Through a friend's introduction, Ms. Wong learned that Credit One Finance offers second mortgage loan for private housing even which has not yet been fully repaid the mortgage from the bank. Ms. Wong can now be able to pay off all her debts of credit cards, and also to cash out a sum of  spare funds for personal use.

Debt Restructuring

Mr. Hung owed a gambling debt of $300,000 and granted a high-interest personal loan to repay. Mr. Hung was unbale to afford monthly payment as the installment amount was too high. Mr. Hung then apply for a second mortgage from Credit One Finance in order to expand the tenors for the loan. The installment amount now is as low as a few thousand dollars per month, which reduce the pressure of monthly payment expenses.

Purchasing a Property

Mrs. Tse has many years of experience in the investment market and hopes to cash out a sum of funds for property investment. She applied for the "Interest-only Plan" through Credit One Finance, and successfully applied for 3.5 million using the property she already owned. Mrs. Tse only needs to pay the interest in the first 11 months, the full principal and remaining interest can be repaid in the last installment, which enables Mrs. Tse to mobilize funds flexibly and successfully purchase another property.